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Texas BugCatcher HF Mobile Antenna Info


 is designed to be bolted directly to a trailer hitch where the hitch ball would normally be . This provides a strong mount for the “Texas BugCatcher” or other large antenna without drilling any holes in the vehicle and does not require any additional support such as guy lines. The FOLD OVER HITCH MOUNT is constructed of 1-1/2 inch square steel tube with a steel plate on the bottom to allow bolting to the trailer hitch. A 1/4  inch thick plate with 1/2 inch hole for mounting the antenna is provided 7 inches up from the bottom. It has a pin that can be quickly pulled which allows the mount to fold away from the vehicle to enable a door or tailgate to be opened.A strong antenna support of 1/4 inch thick “lexan” is provided at the top. The Fold-over Hitch Mount is black powder coated for durability. The FOLD-OVER HITCH MOUNT is the answer for antenna mounting on vehicles such as MINI VANS, FULL SIZE VANS, SUV’S, PICKUPS or on any vehicle on which a trailer hitch can be installed



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