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We Pay Cash or we will take your used equipment in on trade!

MTC of Paris Texas will purchase or trade for your retired excess electronics. Regionally,we will purchase used or dead electronics in bulk from individuals,  businesses, retailers, distributors,  schools, corporations and government institutions.  We deal with excess electronics, computers ,OEM excess, discontinued electronics, damaged electronics, electronic closeouts, electronic scrap, electronic parts,  and much more.

Specific items we buy are not limited to work stations, computers, laptops, two-way radio, amateur radio, ham radio, test equipment, Broadcast equipment, tubes, microphones, broadcast equipment, towers , antennas, bulk electronic parts, surplus electronics, meters, wire, cable, antique radio, digital equipment, analog equipment, sound systems, church audio, mixers, PA equipment and lots lots more.

Again, we purchase single items, estates, or truck loads. 


We take Trades

 We can help you get the gear you want. We will trade for any ham radio gear. We even trade for other things. We have traded for Cars, Boats, Wigs, Ipods, Computers, Heaters, Silver, Gold, Pianos, Guitars, Trailers, and more. Fill Out the form below. Let us know what you have and we will get you an estimate back quick. If you have not heard from us in three business days, please check your span folder and then call us 903-737-0773.