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LMR®400UF Type Assemblies w/PL259 (UHF) Connectors



  • ABR#: 25400F RG8/U size:.405″ Low Loss Cable for frequency range from 144Mhz and up.

  • UV Resistant & Direct Burial Jacket (no need to install in conduit)

  • Best Grade Silver PL259 connectors installed on Each End.

  • Weather-Proof Heat Shrink Tubing (HST) Each End.

  • Very Flexible great for rotatable antennas, routing through tight locations.

  • 10GA Stranded Very Flexible.

  • Frequency range 144MHZ (2 Meters), 440MHz and up to 1Ghz w/N Connectors.

  • Non-Contaminating-UV Resistant-Direct Burial Black Jacket.

  • Closed Cell Gas Injected Foam Polyethylene Dielectric VP: 84%

  • All cable are fully tested. Hi-Pot® and continuity.

    • Voltage DC: 2500Volts RMS: 8000

      • Maximum permissible D.C. voltage lever is conservatively 3 times the A.C. level.
    • PP kW: 16

    • RoHS Compliant.

    • Overall Diameter: .405″

    • 10#/100ft.

Nominal Attenuation-per 100ft/Power Rating(kW)/Efficiently%

  • 0.5dB @ 10MHz/4.83kW/89.8% E.

  • 0.8dB @ 30MHz/2.77kW/83% E.

  • 1.1dB @ 50MHz/2.14kW/78.5% E.

  • 1.8dB @ 150MHz/1.22kW/65.4% E.

  • 3.3dB @ 450MHz/0.69kW/47.3% E.

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