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Customer Comments and Feedback

Customer Comments and Feedback!


Our Customers are very important to us. Thank you all! 




Best Customer Service-I want this testimony to be on the MTC site.

While prices really matter, and these folks generally outperform all of the major alternatives, I want to say that their customer service can't be beat.

I bought a used 991A. The unit didn't perform like a new one, the digital modes weren't operational. These folks didn't bat an eye, even though I bought it "as is", to pay for the unit to be repaired by Yaesu. Not only that, but you can genuinely tell when expressing an concern, that they are not satisfied if you (the customer) isn't 110% satisfied. I mean, you can see it in their body-language that they are upset that their customer isn't perfectly satisfied. To that end, they go to any lengths to ensure that this is corrected. I cant speak highly enough about Richard and the bunch. I don't know that any company, little or small, has treated me better than Main Trading Company!


Thank you Main Trading company! Great service and the best prices! Really enjoying the quad band radio i purchased from y'all. I will definately be ordering more from you in the future!


Traded-in 3 old radios on a Kenwood THD-74A. Richard you made it so very easy and you gave me a more than fair offer for my radios. I also bought an AnyTone AT-DB868UV. Your Prices were definitely the best at Hamvention. Looking forward to seeing you next year when I figure out my next radio.


 I recently traded my Icom 7300 for a Yaesu FT-991A and you all at MTC were very condering and professional. I love my 991A and have made several contacts in Europe with the wires X feature. Thanks Tammy, Gail and Richard I wish I had known about you when I first got my ticket. Very Very Professional and courteous. Thanks and 73 Gerald Place kd8rfo


Called and spoke with Steve on the phone, 7 hours before arriving at the store. Upon arrival, was greeted by great folks working. Talked to Steve about a new HF rig for myself. Steve helped out great! Got the Icom 7300 for my shack. Working on the upgrade in my license, so haven't been able to talk on it yet. But the radio, telescoping pole for my antennas are working great for receiving. Ordered additional equipment in a mic and separation cable for another 2m/70cm radio, and was addressed rapidly! Outstanding Customer Service from this group. Will continue to use them as I progress in my amateur status. Highly recommend MTC to anyone in the Ham field! Wife also liked the weather station we purchased there. She is happy!


Richard and MTC staff,
I received a replacement battery for my TYT MD-2017 today as the original stock battery would not accept a full charge. I truly appreciate your willingness to provide me with a new battery as well as the very speedy delivery! MTC has consistently provided great deals, but that is only part of the equation when it comes to deciding on a dealer to make a purchase. Your stellar customer service is another great reason to shop with MTC!
Thank you very much and 73 de NO3U,
Otto Schellin



First time customer. Trustworthy company with super fast shipping I would purchase again. Thank You!-K0MAD



I just wanted to send you a note expressing how pleased I am with my recent purchase of a TYT TH-9000D 220-260MHz radio .

I had a question regarding my payment during the purchase and when I called, your staff was very friendly and helpful answering my question!
The radio arrived a day earlier than the tracking indicated it would, which was two days from Parris, TX to my home in Tunnel Hill, GA.  When you're waiting for a new toy that you can't wait to play with, that's a very pleasant surprise!  The radio was packed very well!
Overall, my experience with MTC was wonderful, and I will recommend your company to anyone looking for great pricing as well as excellent customer service!
Please feel free to share my review with others because it's always a pleasure to do business with companies who strive to satisfy their customers!
God bless,
Marvin Mealer - AB4MM
Tunnel Hill, GA


Just wanted to drop you a note that I am VERY pleased with my Trade-In/Purchase experience with your company!
I received the IC-9100 today and it was PERFECTLY packaged in an outer box and the Original Factory Shipping Box inside.
The rig looks perfect-would not know it was a "B" Stock item.
Thanks again es 73

Prescott, Az.


I want to compliment you on your excellent customer service.  Nine days ago I ordered a Baofeng-82X 144/220 radio.  Unfortunately, I received a 144/440 radio.  The process to return the radio and get a replacement was very easy and very fast.


The replacement radio was clearly marked as 144/220.  The manufacturer label inside the battery case said 220 and the accessories included a 220 antenna.  There’s no reason that you would have doubted that this was, indeed, a 220 radio.

Unfortunately, it was mis-marked from the manufacturer.  It was another 144/440 radio.


 Once again, you stepped up with excellent customer service, in spite of the fact that this wasn’t really your fault.


 You’ve definitely earned my future business.  And I intend to tell my ham friends that you provide superior service, every bit as good as face-to-face business.


Glen Beattie

  Seven Fields, PA


Many thanks to Richard and the crew at MTC! I was in the market for a Kenwood TM-v71A and was looking to trade. Although the store was to close at 1pm on a Saturday these guys remained open so I could make the drive from McAlester, Oklahoma allowing to transact my business! I will definitely be back and as the county EC for ARES in Pittsburg County I will be telling everyone I know at Main Trading Company.

KG5JUP Chris Bradley

KMCO 101.3FM Afternoon host - McAlester, OK


 It was one of those situations where I shopped for the best price, realizing that I was buying a new rig and the manufacturer would take care of the rig. Well, was I in for a pleasant surprise. I found my dream rig (IC-7300) at MTC and then found MTC. Yes, I said that right.

I have purchased from them all, large and small. It never really mattered. It was mostly the same. I give them money, they give me my product. Cut and dry, very dry. When I called MTC to verify the purchase price and ask about the extended service options, I was greeted by a person, a real person. Not a ham who talks down to you, but a real person. That is when I put MTC at the top of my Ham Shopping links in my browser.

A week or so later, I was looking for a VHF Marine radio and found one on eBay, only to see that it was MTC. I have made 3 purchases in a month. Please, please, please, do yourself a favor. If you are looking for anything at all, big or small, call them. Just do the 1990's thing and talk to them. You will see what I mean.

Thanks MTC for my new rig and for being people in love with the Ham radio hobby...just like us.

Vann, K4VGL

Hello Tammy, Richard, and everyone at Main Trading Company!
I recently had need to replace my HF radio (Icom IC-7100) as it was damaged by a nearby lightning strike back in July - several other things were damaged, fortunately not too much loss overall. After much consideration I settled on something different, the Yaesu FT-DX1200. I have not had time to unbox it yet, and I still have to replace my HF antenna, so one step at a time!
Just wanted to comment on the fine service offered by MTC - of course, it is not surprise to me to receive the big box just a few short days after placing the order online. Just super, super customer service - could not ask for a better 'customer experience' in my opinion. And to top it off, you were offering an additional 'discount' promo last weekend - what a deal!
Sorry I will not be able to make it over to Paris on October 8 - those who have been to your MTC Day in past years really brag about the good time they had - what a very nice thing to do and give back to your customers and friends. I'm sure it will be well-attended, regardless of the weather.  That's just one reason why I really don't even 'shop around' any more when I need something - really no need to do so. Just go to MTC and order what you 'need'.
You all take care, see you down the road at one of the next hamfests -  


Steve Miller- KA5RAN



I have made three purchases with MTC this year. The first on was at Houston Hamfest. I was looking for my first HF rig and had a few models in mind. After struggling to let go on some serious cash, Richard had the perfect rig for me. He could have sold me a high end new system, but he had with him the perfect used system. The best system at a great price. I have loved this radio, but it was the fact he took the time to hear was I was looking for and put me in the right rig.

The other two purchases I am sure are typical of just how well MTC operates. I called into the store and received exceptional service. They are knowledgeable on the products, have them in stock, and at the best price. Both purchases were shipped over night and I received them on the front end of a long weekend. These are the two best experiences I had ever had buying anything over the phone!!!
I know this sounds like a slogan, but in this new age I have always wondered how can a shop like this compete with Amazon? The team at MTC just does it with great service!!! It rare for any retailer to win my business, but MTC has won it three times over.

I want to thank everyone at MTC. You have a wonderful team in a tough market and I hope to be able to visit the store in person this fall.

Thank You,


I resently made another purchase from MTC. I couldn't be happier with their customer service and prices. They are my favorite store for all my radio needs. If you haven't ordered from them, then you haven't experienced the best customer service in the ham radio!! -N8NNX

 I can not say enough good things about this company and its people. When I heard about the Wouxun radios, I started searching on the internet to buy a couple. I came across Main Trading Company and ordered them via website. I knew well in advance that it would take a little bit more time for shipping due to me being stationed overseas and Main Trading being off to a trade conference. Not only did I get great pricing but the customer service was excellent. These guys really know how to take care of business and people. Very down to earth, honest and prompt. These larger radio conglomerates who treat you like a number and not a person could learn a lot from Main Trading Company. These folks KNOW what right looks like. Many Thanks

Chance Clagett


Just a quick note to say thanks. I brought a friend to your booth at the Orlando show this year so he could buy an FT-8800 at your great show price. You treated us like family (the good side of the family), and answered a ton of question I had about gear you were selling, but I didn't buy anything. Well, a newly licensed ham here in Winter Haven, FL approached me yesterday and asked for advice on purchasing new equipment for his new shack. He had done some research and had his heart set on an 8800 and a FTDX1200. I told him about you folks and advised him to call on the phone right away because the 8800's are getting scarce now and are only listed on your website when the model is Googled. My friend called the store today and purchased both radios. He then called me to rave about the great customer service he received from Main Trading Company on the phone. I told him, "A mom and pop operation most always will show plenty of appreciation for your purchase, More than a larger dealer, in many cases and the prices are usually the same or better with mom and pop's. Again, thank you so much for helping my neophyte friend purchase his first ham radio equipment that was his desire. Now he can't wait for them to get here.
73 to mom and pop and the rest of the crew. You folks are awesome merchants.


You service is just superb. To place an order on Friday morning and with free shipping have it in my hands in California on Monday morning is beyond impressive.
Richard  AG6II


My 11-year-old daughter passed her Technician Class exam at the Texas City Hamfest, and MTC was there to congratulate her and award her a radio, which has already been put to good use at a public service event. The whip antenna from MTC improved her coverage. Thanks, MTC, for supporting our young hams!
Russell Richter WP2AHG - Houston, TX


Richard, the 990s is truly an amazing radio. thanks for keeping after me to go ahead and get it.I'm sure I will enjoy it for many years. You folks are the BOMB!!! sincerely Lonnie KE5CCH


Thanks again Richard for excellent customer service!   I ordered my new radio yesterday afternoon and it arrived before noon today!
Now all I have to do is learn how to use my new Icom UD-51A.

Bill Miller K5EAG


..keep up the great prices. We do appreciate it.  LOVE my two radios I recently purchased from you.

 And feel free to use this next statement as it's truly how I feel. Prices so good there was no buyer's remorse.

Sincerely, Paul Bowman  -  W7MAG

 Pahrump, NV


Thanks to MTC! Excellent service and quick ship to D/FW area. Made my third purchase today. Also got expedited shipping on a backordered product.Talked to Richard and Tammy. Super nice folks! Solid company with a great reputation. You can't go wrong with MTC!

Terry in Sachse. TX


I think I'm in Love with the hobby again. I have been burnt time and time again from other hams at hamfests and on the net  on auction sites buying used gear. I must admit I was very gun shy and skeptical when I found you but I am a believer now. I will never buy any new or used gear from anyplace else..you guys are great -James V


Hello! I found out about MTCRadio on 10-9-14 and ordered an IC 80AD D-Star ready hand held on 10-10-14. I received the radio on 10-14-14. I am so pleased with the prompt service, special prices and the quality of merchandise. Thank You! Bucky KB5DRZ


Absolutely fantastic service!! ordered on Wed delivered on Fri!
I'm glad I found you on Radio Reference. I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. 

Scott Menke


Hi, Richard
Like other hams in Southwest Florida, I have recently discovered Main Trading Company. Today the Kenwood TM-281A and RT Systems software I purchased from your shop earlier this week for my wife's (N4YAK) Honda arrived.
I just wanted to tell you I think the service, price and speed of shipping were great. I called MTC last Monday on the recommendation of three other hams on our weekly Thursday night 2 meter net. So know you are being talked about in a very positive manner in this part of the world. 
Frank N W4FLN


Being a pretty new Ham I bought an inexpensive HT. After joining the local Radio Club I decided I needed a base station with a little ooomph. I chose two radio's to get started with. Icom V8000 for 2 meter work and packet and the IC-7200 for HF. My V8000 Repack Grade "B" arrived today. If there is any wear or scratches on this rig I sure can't find them. It runs hard and I have 4 local repeaters up and running. As soon as the TNC-X arrives I'll be playing in Packet land for sure. The 7200 will be next month. As a new Ham I can't tell you how great it is to have a business like MTC to rely on. Thx and 73. Max


Richard, you guys are the best. I love my new TS-990. Thanks for taking my boat in on trade-Dudley E.


It's becoming harder and harder to find honest folks especially on the internet. BUT when I find something I like, the customer like they themselves would want to be treated THEN I'm a customer for life. SO as long as the honesty continues I will return for all of my Ham Radio Purchases (N4YWD). Thanks for treating me like family and rest assured that my business will be with MTC...Thank you! -Homer L.


Thank you for the quick turn around on the power supply I ordered. Y'all make things so very easy.

Steve Darrah, kd5ypb


Recommended you to a fellow "ham" and he had problems with getting the computer to talk with the radio via the USB cable. Thanks to Leo and Richard especially for helping to solve the problem. Richard determined that the USB/Radio cable was defective and immediately shipped a replacement. Now that is service after the sale.

Thanks for being a responsible internet company.

L Bunch, WB7CYO


Tammy is the best. Our hunting club has over one hundred active members. We buy all of our radio equipment from you and recomend you to everyone- Bear Hunter


I wish you would move to Plano. If you did, I would be in your place every day. There is nothing in the Metroplex that even comes close to you guys -Ron L.


Thanks for the great service! This is not my first purchase with MTC, but my first purchase on line with you. I ordered one afternoon and received it the next day! Not only is your service great, but your prices are the best!

Everett KE5ZHU


I just received my order. Record Shipping time, Got it next day Thanks! I phoned my order in and got my new radio $90 cheaper than your online advertised price. Your online price was already cheaper than every other website out there. Since I had never heard of you guys before I was a little skeptical but MTC has made a believer out of me. I will never buy from any other place again.

Jim L.- Shreveport



I have called your company on two occasions. Both times I spoke with "Tammy." I just wanted to tell you that she is a doll and should get a big fat raise!!
'73 Paul


You guys messed up my order, I was mad! I called Tammy and She fixed it, plus... Now I am very happy and a life long customer. I love you guys. -Steven F. Watertown,NY


Hi Richard,
I was the one who won your grand prize (the TS-590) and wanted to send you some pictures and say thank you again. Tell the ladies who sang they were great.
Daryl M.


I dont even like ham radio but I drive to Paris Texas every two weeks just to see what you have. This Antique RCA microphone that I got there for hundreds less than internet prices was worth dozens of drives up there from the metroplex. I am glad I found your store. I cant wait to see the new place. I especially like your hospitality and your saying "this aint no museum, baby" see ya in a week or so-Michael S. Plano Texas


It's a pleasure to do business with a Ham Shop that cares about service to the customer .I have been a Ham since 1964 and I know the difference. Thanks again


We are so lucky to have you guys within driving distance of DFW. You have the best store in the State of Texas! I have been in all of them. I still cant believe you took my boat in on trade!

Justin G.

Dallas Tx


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for my recent order!

Before placing the order on Monday I called in and asked some questions/advice and ya'll helped me pick out the best antenna for my car. I received the antenna quickly, last night, and after hooking it up the antenna surpasses my expectations and does exactly what i need and to be honest does not look bad on my BMW. Simply put I could not be happier!

Again think you for your help, honest advice and fast shipping.

I look forward to ordering from you again in the future.

Shane K
73 de KG5AFP


Hi Richard and Staff, thanks for the deal on the ICOM 9100 and Collins 32V2. Very happy with all. I agree with the comments that everyone posted about Richard and his family, great down to earth folk. They are the most pleasant people to deal with, always very friendly. If you are looking to buy Ham radio gear or anything else they sell for that matter, MTC is who you need to be talking to. If you don't beleive me, just give them a try, I will bet you $5.00 to a glass of water you will be very happy. Thanks MTC, keep up the good work.

Robert T. & Melissa Evans


Received the order for the used Ic-746pro I am greatly satisfied!! what a pleasant person to deal with. the unit came in in fine shape other than a wet box (ups) but was double boxed so no harm. and great prices will definatley buy from them again. Hurray for TEXAS!! ab1mc


I am a Happy Camper! I love this ICOM! Big Thanks To Richard! An honest and fair guy... MTC will be handling all my Business! -Rod G , Howe Tx


My experience with Main Trading Company has been nothing short of fantastic. I have always experienced the best prices, friendly, knowledgeable service and the fastest shipping from Texas to Ohio I have ever seen, 2 to 3 days tops. I will continue buying from MTC. Thank You for the Great Service.

Keith Vanderpool
Richwood, Ohio


I can not say enough good things about this company and its management. When I heard about the Wouxun radio, I started searching on the internet to buy one. I came across Main Trading Company and called them. I placed my first order with "Richard" the owner. Not only did I get great pricing but the customer service was excellent. I later had questions on equipment and his staff was always very courteous and knowledgeable. I later sent some ham and scanner equipment to trade up to a new Icom 51a. When MTC received my equipment, they called me the same day and processed my order. They gave me a very fair price for my trade-in and I ended up paying only $92 and change for my new radio. These guys really know how to take care of business. A giant thank you to them and their staff.-Alphonso Rivera Bakersfield CA



This is to let you know that the UV-X4 handheld transceiver that I purchased from you was battle proven here in New Jersey! I used it during and after Hurricane Sandy destroyed the power infrastructure. I was without power for 7 days and many folks were out much longer. I used the built in led light to get around in the dark and the FM broadcast radio was handy to get local stations that were able to relay news about how bad things were. I was able to monitor local repeater activity and used 146.520 simplex to check in with my son Andrew KC2YNH when needed. He uses the Wouxun KG-UVD1P handheld that I purchased from you as a Christmas gift. THESE RADIOS ARE FANTASTIC! Best Regard! Bruce Pilecki


MTC is Awesome, Keep ringing that bell Baby!- David Kaun


Just wanted to let you guys know I\'ve had the Wouxun UVD1P for a day. I was able to program it with the software provided. It works great on ham and out of band. I spoke with a guy from a local ham club (on 440 while sitting on the couch) that bench tested a dozen of these with no problems to report. Great customer service as I screwed up my online order and it was fixed with one phone call. I will be ordering from you in the future and recommend you to others. Thanks again.

Chris Lawrence


I just want to say THANK YOU for your very fast and prompt resolution to a problem in which I encountered recently with a Wouxun radio. Your customer service is TOP NOTCH and your company will definitely be referred by me, to anyone that is looking for a radio. The turn around time from when I shipped my radio to you, until I received my new one was less that a week. I appreciate your understanding and once again I thank you very much for all that you've done for me to resolve this problem. God Bless-Darrick York , Bethpage TN.



Thanks for working with me on purchasing the new Wouxun 6 handheld. Your personal attention to my situation really sets you apart from the "big radio outlets and electonic supplies" of the world. They would have never done that for me. THANK YOU!!! I will continue to be a loyal customer. Thanks for your hard work, and may the Lord bless you, your family, and I wish you much success in your new store. Thank you again- Melvin L. Saint Cloud Florida




Hi, I am Mike Brittain, just received my first order from you. And I am sorry to say, that the big radio stores just lost my business for good. I could not be more pleased with how everything went with my first order. You were helpful and friendly on the phone when I ordered. The order got here super fast, (I did not even get to hide it from my wife). The order was exactly right. I am sold, from now on all my orders come from Main Trading Company and everyone else that I can convince to order from you.

Thanks again, Mike Brittain Harrison County fire Unit 880.



You guys rock!  (I think that's what the young-uns say  -  and it's true!)

 Perfect, complete shipment.

It is a delight to do business with you. 

Bless you guys,

-KA5KPC John-    Hurst Tx





Tomorrow is my 60th birthday so decided to treat myself to a Yellow MTC handheld.  

Here is my testimonial:  

This handheld Radio is by far the most sensitive and powerful handheld by far !  Everyone

NEEDS this handheld Radio !!  You will not be disappointed.  

David F. Reeder


Bonham Tx





Thank you for your FAST response to my recent internet order.  Doing business with your company has certainly been a real pleasure and therefore I will recommend your company to all of our members.  In fact, many of our members have already experienced your excellence in customer service and for that we are most grateful.



Terry Morton - W5PJ, President

Wichita Amateur Radio Society



Companies that do the GREAT job that MTC does deserve big kudos. Thanks for the great pricing and especially for the OUTSTANDING customer service! You guys are super! I couldn't be happier! Many thanks! -Jim KJ4WKD



You sent me the exact phone I've been looking all over for. The EXACT phone! I can't believe it! You are so awesome!!! MTC all the way baby! -K5VX JONATHAN SENNETTI


"Once again thank you for the exceptional service and courtesy. I will suggest you to a lot of people in this area. It's not everyday you have personal service like that."-Brian Heath Rockinham ,NC


I received the Wouxun KG-UVD1P just a couple days after you shipped it. Very nice radio and excellent service from you folks. Everything including the gifts arrived on time and in perfect condition. A pleasure doing business with you. -Paul Calvert  Trout Run, PA 


You guys ROCK! - D.D. Lewis Houston Texas


Dear Richard,

Thank you for the prompt service, received the radio today and it looks great. 


Harold G. Markos K9JFE


I really appreciate updates like the one about Christy.  It just shows you guys care and are not out just for the $$.  I know I made the right decision when I bought my HT from you a couple of weeks ago and will continue that.  In addition, I will let everyone know at my ham club that they can get good deals and support at a local company

Thanks and 73


I am glad you are here for us hams!! 

Thank you, Mr. Armando Gonzales KD5BSB



Hi guys!

I am returning the warranty registration card for my Wouxun HT.  I like the radio very much, although a little bit hard to program at first.  I like your company and you way of conducting business.  I look forward to doing more business with you guys.


Michael Payne


To the fine folks at Main Trading Company,

I just wanted to say thank you for your fine service and excellent attitudes that I have come to expect from your establishment.  I am so glad that we have a store that although may be 120 miles away, I can respectfully declare as MY LOCAL HAM SHOP.  I can only hope and wish our shops around town would take notice and follow suit but even if they were to, I would still shop at Main Trading Company and NOWHERE ELSE.  Thank you Richard and Christy from a very loyal and very happy customer.

Thank you, 

Epitacio Camacho, Jr. KF5EUB-Dallas Texas


To the folks at MTC.  Thanks for the extra goodies when I ordered my Wouxun the other day.  I appreciate it and have sent some of my amateur radio club members your way.

Great deal, great service!

All the best, Bob Prybyzerski W2YMM



Man what a TV...it looks great.  Have you tried one yet???  Please send me another one on Monday...XYL wants one in her office.  What a deal guy and thanks.  Great packing as well!!

Bob W1PE-A good Main Trading Customer!! (lol)


Dear Fellow Hams:


I just received the radio via USPS and your rapidity of shipping was quite amazing and much appreciated.  From initial "playing," the radio seems to work fine and is certainly much easier to program than many Yaesu dual-band handhelds!

It is a pleasure to have found you via the internet.  And a local colleague has already ordered the same radio; and I suspect that other Newport Beach RACES members will be ordering one (or two) as well.

Thanks again for your courtesy

With regards 73 Roy K6GVG-Newport Beach CA


Dear Richard,

I enjoyed meeting and talking with you at the Hamfest in Azel.  Thank you for selling me the radios. j I am enjoying them and they work great.

Hope to work with you again on a deal sometime next year.

Kenneth Gardner KE5VPS-Cedar Park, TX 


I received the Wouxun KG-UVD1P just a couple days after you shipped it. Very nice radio and excellent service from you folks. Everything including the gifts arrived on time and in perfect condition. A pleasure doing business with you.

Paul Calvert-Trout Run, PA


I ordered a Wouxun KG-UVD1P from you Sunday, it came today (Wednesday) and was perfectly boxed with the accessories I ordered. And by-the-way, the ordering process was fast and easy. The radio was easy to program using the software and USB cable and so far I am very pleased with it and impressed too. Thanks for the great service! Chris, KB5JBS


Dear Sir(s) I got the TYT radio I ordered today in the mail. I want to thank you for a fine product. It works great. I programmed it with my computer. I won't hesitate to place another order some time. Your service is excellent. Regards Mike WA1PJG 73



I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent service I received from you!


I ordered a radio and some accessories from you and before I new it  or expected it to be here it was sitting at my front door. (very fast order processing and shipping.) I am and was impressed by this.  

Upon receiving the package I opened it and went through all of the items I ordered and even found some goodies thrown in free just for doing business with you. ( a nice little touch in this age of usually getting somewhat less than expected from some people).  

After going through everything in the package I realized that one very small part was missing from the shipment and using your website contact page I sent you an e-mail explaining the obvious accidental omission and without delay or further loss of time you responded to my email and sent the part quickly.  

I just want to thank you for the great service! Sometimes I get so busy I have little time for anything that might disrupt my normal schedule or add to my burden.  

You folk's made it seem like it never even happened and I didn't need to worry about anything!

Something like this may seem minor to some, and considered to just be a part the way you do business every day because you do it so well, but I want to let you know it still is really something special in this day and age!  

You have a five star plus rating from me in all areas an excellent job well done!  

Also I would like to give my permission to post any of this content as you see fit.  

I am also very satisfied with the radio and all it's accessories, (It's a KG-UVD1P 2m-70cm) and just as you said on your site this thing looks and feels like you could run it over with a truck and it would still work just fine. The menu driven features are very easy to use, and the programming software make setup a breeze.   

I'll be back!


Thanks once again!

Sincerely , Robert Pardi



I am more than pleased with the level of service that you have with orders. The packaging was great and the item was received via USPS in three days from the time being shipped. I will bookmark your website and visit to see what other great items you have to offer. The Wouxun handheld is working fine and I will "advertise" where I bought it.


Again thanks for being a responsible internet sales company.


L D Bunch, WB7CYO

Twin Falls ID



It's really a pleasure doing business with you and your wife!

Your prices are very good and the quality of your merchandise is excellent.

Thanks again.


--- Al 

              Al Price


Bodfish Ca


I received my Wouxun radio I sent for repair on Aug.19 back on Aug 26. Thank you very much for the very fast service. The replacement radio you sent works perfect. It is a real pleasure doing business with you.

Thank you again.

Paul Calvert  W3PFC



Main Trading is AWESOME! Not only do they have an entire store full of useful/fun items....their service AFTER the sale is beyond what you would ever imagine! AND Richard & Christy Lenoir are 2 of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet! 

Molly McMillan Woodall - Paris Texas



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