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Commercial Transceivers

Did you know our Radios are currently being used by Emergency responders, Police, Fire and Sheriffs' Departments? Emergency Management, Wrecker companies, EMS, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Museums, Motels, Hotels, Camp grounds, Farms, Game Wardens, Ski patrols, Neighborhood Watch groups, Cert Groups, React, Event Coordinators, Fairgrounds, First responders, Churches, Synagogues, Search and Rescue teams, Hot Air Balloon enthusiasts, Rodeo Arenas, Concert Venues, Night Clubs, Tour Guides, Fishing Guides, Hunting Groups, Government Agencies, Hikers, Campers, Apartment Complexes, GO Cart Tracks, Security agencies, Volunteer Groups, Survivalists, Doomsday Preppers, Manufacturing plants and even ham radio operators are all using our radios. Try us.. Our prices and service can not be beat. Thousands have now been sold. Call us and let us help you today!