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Programming Software for Yaesu Radios

For radio enthusiasts, Yaesu is one of the most recognizable and reliable brands in the industry. The company manufactures one of the largest lines of two-way radios that are used in outdoor environments or on the job in major commercial industries. These radios can be programmed to function on just a single channel, narrowing communications to just those between a group of professionals, outdoorsmen, or other hobbyists. Getting this done with the radio’s on-device interface, however, is quite a headache.

The lack of intuitive controls on Yaesu’s radios can be easily supplemented by RT Systems Inc.’s amateur radio programming and cloning software. Our in-house, U.S.A.-based engineers develop a unique piece of software that’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, and takes the hassle out of channel programming on the radio’s interface. When paired with our optional USB-to-radio cable, this software can read, set, and backup settings for a large list of Yaesu models.