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Buckmaster Line-Grip

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Product Description


Line-Grip™ is a unique and effective gripping device for wire or mast mounted antennas, support ropes, guy lines, tents, tarps, shelters, volley ball nets, flag poles, etc. The Line-Grip will change the way you work with ropes/wire and eliminates the need for knots that always need to be moved or secured.

Line-Grip™ makes erecting antenna masts a breeze. In many cases it reduces the number of people required, reduces the time for raising a mast and can increase safety. It definitely makes things easier! Field day may never be the same.

To errect a mast with three sets of guy lines (3 lines per set) we recommend using nine Line-Grips. Properly configured and using a pivoting ginpole at the base, one or two persons can easily raise a 30 to 40 foot aluminum antenna mast. It is easy to practice and preset the Line-Grip to estimated positions on the guy lines.


Line-Grip is perfect for rope and wire alike. It has three ball bearings that under pressure grip the line, gripping harder as the line tension increases. Line-Grip is a "one-way" street for rope or wire. The rope moves easily through the Line-Grip in one direction and moves not at all in the other. If you have trouble feeding rope through, wrap the end to a point with a piece of electrical tape.


A manual operated Release protrusion can momentarily cause the rope to move freely in either direction and when released immediately grip the line. Line-Grip can be operated with one hand.

Line-Grip works well on Kevlar, Dacron, cotton, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, sisal, jute, manila and other rope material. Also works well on insulated and non-insulated wire, solid or stranded. Rope sizes from approximately 1/8" to 1/4" (3-7mm). For strong UV-protected rope (as pictured above), see our Antenna Support Rope.

Made to last outdoors and in severe weather. Size is approximately 1 X 3 inches.

Order Buckmaster Line-Grips now, only $7.00 each!

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