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SPE Expert Amplifiers



Established reliable products: 1.3K-FA, 1.5K-FA and 2K-FA amplifiers Fully Automatic Solid State Power Amplifiers Follows transceiver to the kHz. Built-in switching power supplies for better stability 1.3K-FA & 1.5K-FA can provide full power at 240 VAC or 120 VAC, just change AC plug. Built-in automatic antenna tuner Hundreds in use remotely Many superior operating qualities And ..... It's ALL in ONE Box



SPE Expert is Amateur Radio's most widely used brand of linear amplifiers

SPE has thousands of amplifiers in use for Amateur Radio worldwide and has the most innovative flexible equipment for local or remote use. DXpeditions have used SPE products again and again because RELIABILITY MATTERS.

Your new SPE amplifier is backed with a 2 year parts and labor warranty. For complete warranty details, see the warranty page at www.expertamps.com

SPE amplifiers are completely programmable. Set up 4 or 6 antennas simultaneously connected depending on amplifier model, program the amp to automatically select antennas when the radio changes bands, you never have to push a button or intervene, Tunable antenna like SteppIR? The amplifier manages the antenna automatically.

Take it with you? The 1.3K-FA and 1.5K-FA amps weigh 24 lbs and come with a shoulder carry bag standard equipment. Meets size requirements for airline carry-on baggage.