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2P3 AM Radio Receiver Kit - Homebrew DIY for Enthusiasts

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Product Description

In the mid 1960s, due to a steadily available stock of domestic made transistors, there was a huge DIY wave of transistor radios in the world. The big issue for a DIY transistor radio kit is how to make a quality product, the 2P3 radio kit was made to fulfill this demand. The 2P3 comes with transistors and IC in a hybrid kit, it allows both hobbyist and DIYers to build their own AM radio receiver with a detailed diagram and instructions. From this DIY, you learn many things that a book can not teach you, It tells you how the Resistors and IC works together to make the radio work. It is a great Kit and fun to build. It is not like any other kits, this kit comes with a radio case that is designed for the radio, so after it is assembled , you can use it as radio and put into your pocket. Soldering Required
  2P3 AM receiver board. DIY Kits - MAKE YOUR OWN AM RADIO
Frequency range: 520 kHz ~ 1710 kHz

Power supply: 2 x AA size battery
Sensitivity: < 1mV/m
Max. output: 120mW
Quiescent current: 7mA
Size: approx. 165 x 105 x 29mm
Primary Operation Construction:
Mixing circuit
IF amplifier
Automatic gain control
Audio amplifier
- Ceramic capacitors
- Polyester capacitors
- Electrolytic capacitors
- Ceramic filter
- Resistors
- Detector diode
- Diode
- Transistor
- Speaker wire
- Screws
- Nuts
- Hexagonal screw column standoff
- Shield cover
- Case
- Speaker (1W)
- Earphone socket (3.5mm)
- Potentiometer
- Variable capacitor
- Audio amplifier
- AM oscillator coil
- IF transformers
- Magnetic antenna
- Battery box
- Plastic ribbon
- Antenna support
- Logo
- Circuit board
- Tuning knob
- Volume knob
- Non-conductive screwdriver

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