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Used Equipment

Welcome to our Used gear page. We buy and Trade for used gear almost daily. If you have any questions or see something on the list call us now 903-737-0773.


We try and keep a fresh inventory of used equipment. We try and move all old stock out every 30 days with online auction sites


Dont Forget we are cash buyers for Used Ham Radio Gear. If you have one item or an entire estate, we pay top dollar, cash today


Free Shipping may not apply on used equipment. We guarantee all used equipment for 30 Days unless noted





Used Equipment:



YAESU FT-290R II 2m mobile/portable All Mode w/ amp, mic, power cord, bracket, box, manual $ 175.00


YAESU FT-1500M 2m mobile w/ mic, power cord, manual $119.


GRUNDIG WORLD RECEIVER YB 500 w/ case, box, manual & AC adapter $100.00


COMET CMX-2300 Twin Cross SWR Power meter-less than 2 weeks old $ 145.00




Icom IC 746 NON PRO With FL 103 2.8 KHZ SSB Filter, Mic, Power Cord and manual  $725


KENWOOD TH-D72A Dual Band Handi-talkie 8 Months old w/ box, manual, charger..VERY NICE $ 399.00




ICOM PS-125 25A POWER SUPPLY  $99.95 




BRAND NEW YAESU FT-450D W/ TUNER Won at Mena Hamfest 9-6-14...Box Never Opened! $ 769.00


Kenwood TS-570DG has YK-88SN-1 SSB filter, power cable, Mic, Manual  $749


Icom IC-R9000 .01MHZ to 2000MHZ w/ power cord & manual $ 1995.00


Drake DL 1000, 1000 Watt Dummy Load Model 1551 $ 99.


Heathkit 4 Position Coax Switch Model #ID1234 $20


Icom IC-718 HF All Band Transceiver w/ DSP w/ Box, Manual, Power Cord, Mic $ 549.


Radio Shack 200 Channel Scaanner $ 49.99


MFJ 461 Pocket Morse Code Reader $ 45


GE External Speaker 5Watt, 8 Ohm $9.99


Radio Shack External Speaker $ 9.95


Kenwood TS-530S w/ KB1 Heavy Knob, NO mic..$ 349.


Wouxun KG-UV8D 2.5 KHZ, w/ program cable $ 109.


Radio Shack HTX-420 2M/440 Handi-talkie $ 79.95


MFJ 962C 1.5 KW Antenna Tuner, 1500 Watt w/ Power Cord $ 209.


 Kenwood SP-230 External Speaker $99.95


MTC UV-E5 Handheld $ 29.95


LDG AT-600 Pro Auto Tuner w/ Icom Cable 5 to 600 Watt Desktop Memory Tuner $299


MFJ 989C 3 KW Roller Inductor Antenna Tuner $ 249.


Icom IC-718 w/ DSP HF All Band Transceiver w/ Box, Manual, Mic, Power Cord $ 550


Wouxun KG-UV5D Handheld w/ extra 3200MAH bat, Program Cable & Software $89


Icom IC-7600 HF/50MHZ All Mode Transceiver w/ Box, Manual, Mic, Power Cord $ 2895.00


Icom IC-7800 HF/6M, 200 Watt, 3khz Roofing Filter Built In, Box, Manual, Power Cord $6995.00


 Icom IC-746 w/ FL-103 2.8 KHZ SSB filter, Mic, Power Cord, Manual $ 725.


Alinco DX SR8T 1 month old trade back for sr9, as NEW w/ Box, Book, Mic $489.


Alinco DXSR8T 100 Watt HF w/power cord, mic, manual, box.   Has been mobile.   $439.


B&W VS300A  HF 300 Watt Antenna Tuner    $109.95


Ten Tec 708 Desk Mic Very Nice!  $99.00


MFJ 969  300 Watt Tuner.  Has a few scratches on top.  $149.00


Icom IC-756 Pro III  Very nice HF + 6M.  Includes mic, power cord, box.   $1850.00 


 Radio Shack HTX212  2Meter Mobile.  Rough but works.  $49.00


MFJ-812B  VHF 144-220 MHZ  SWR/Watt Meter...with manual  $25.00


Kenwood TS 680S  HF Plus 6Meter.   Includes mic, power cord.   $429.00


Kenwood TS60 6Meter...all mode.  Includes box, mic and manual.  $599.00



Ten Tec Titan 425 HF Legal Limit Amplifier.  Includes power supply, cables, nice unit.  $1799.00


Vectronics VC300M  Near New in box!  300 Watt HF Tuner   $149.00


Radio Shack HTX 200 mini 2 meter HT with box and manual $49.00


Yaesu FT840  100 Watt HF with manual, power cord and mic.  NICE RIG.  $499.00


LDG 2100 Plus  100 Watt Auto Tuner.  Near New with box and manual.  $139.00


Yaesu FP800 HF Power Supply.  $199.00  with box


Yaesu VX-8GR w/battery, charger, antenna, manual, box, mini manual, car charger.  $329.00


 Daiwa CNW 419 200 watt CW Tuner  $200


Icom IC-718 w/ Mic, Power Cord $ 499



Kenwood TS 570DG Very Nice HF w/ mic, power cord, Box, 500HZ CW Filter  $ 749.00


Yaesu FT-8900R  quad band mobile    Includes power cord, mic, bracket, manual, box   $399.00



DJ-G29T Dual Band hand held.  no box.  Includes radio, battery, extra battery, shoulder mic, ac charger, two jumpers    $300.00


ICOM IC-V80 Sport with antenna, battery case, box , quick start guide  $79.95


Radio Shack HTX 10  10 Meter Mobile with Mic and Power Cord    $99.00 


LDG AT-200PRO Tuner with box  $159.00


MFJ-893 Cross Needle Watt Meter   $79.95



Dentron Monitor Tuner 160-10 Meters Heavy Duty, 3.0 KW, Very nice Fixed Induct tuner, clean  $350


Kenwood TS-440SAT 100 Watts HF 10-160 , Tuner, Power cord, mic $499


Icom AT-180 HF plus 50MHZ antenna tuner Box , Cable, $349


Icom IC-T7H DUal Band Handheld with box, manual, charger, battery $159



Yaesu FT-757GX with matching 757AT tuner and interconnecting cable. Very nice, clean no smoker, Has a few scratches on top, Belonged to a CW op no mic, no manual $500


Collins KWM-2 Winged W Astatic hand mic, Heathkit HP23C power supply wired for it, 10M and 17M installed, Waters Q Mult installed Very nice, clean no smoke $1200



Small Lot in West Paris Texas Aprox 100 x 50 Traded in on Used Ham Station $3500


Dentron GLA-1000 HF Amplifer Easy 500-600 watts on HF, clean old amplifier  $399



Pyramid 7Amp Power supply $25


Amplivox Portable PA System with two speakers, wired mic, mic stand and speaker stands $249


Yaesu VX-8GR GPS APRS HT w two batteries, charger MH-34 speaker mic, MH-37 Ear bud, RT Sys cable and software, all very nice with book and box


Yaesu FT-7900 DUal Band Mobile W box, book, bracket, mic and power cord $249



 Icom IC-900 W A and B units w UX-29A 2 meter, UX-39A 220, UX-49A 440, and UX-59A 6 meter modules $699


Standard Horizon HX270S VHF Marine Handheld box book complete $59


Kenwood PS-50 Power Supply $159



Yaesu FT-257 UHF HT As new in box $99



MFJ-948 300 Watt Manual Tuner with book $109




Kenwood TH-K20A 2 meter rugged HT with drop in charger, two batteries, BT-16 alkaline pack, antenna, book and box $99


Yaesu FT-60R dual band HT very near new w box, charger, battery, antenna , book $159


Kenwood TH-F6A Tri Band HT Bought new in April 2014 As new condition, Would pass as brand new. Customer bought two and traded them back in for mobiles $250 Each (only one left)



Uniden BCT-15 Trunking Mobile Scanner W DC power cord, nothing else $149


Icom IC-2200H Nice w bracket, book, Power cord, mic box, Dstar UT-118 installed $249


Uniden Bearcat 880 CB as new in box $95



Yaesu FT-840 10-160 Meters HF w mic and power cord, scratches on top but works great $499



 Yaesu FT-8500 Dual BAnd Mobile  $200



Icom IC-2200H 65 Watt 2 meter rugged w mic , power cord $159



Cobra 148GTL Near new with bracket, book, box nice, not modded AM, SSB CB $99



Radio Shack HTS-20 VHF two meter Amplifier .5-5 watts in gets up to 30 Watts out $50



Old Yaesu FT-2700 Dual Band. Like new Mobile w box, book , bracket, Screws $150



Icom SM-5 Mic 4 pin  $45


Grundig G-3 Near New Shortwave radio, Box and Manual $$69


Mirage B-34 HT two Meter Amplifier $69



Tokyo Hy Power HL37vsx HT Amplifier $75







Just in...Icom Repacks/Refurbs. Please see the list below, Call for Availability.




There are three Repack condition levels.  Below is a breakdown of these different classifications:


REPACK “A” CONDITION    “Like new”


  • Like New, No Scratches, Prime Equipment
  • Gift box may have minor Dents, Writing, or Tape, looks like new
  • ALL Accessories Included
  • Owner’s Manual included
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase






  • Slightly used to used appearance, may have some minor scratches
  • Original Gift box may not be included.  (Box may have dents, writing, shipping labels, etc.)
  • ALL MAJOR Accessories included:
    1. Base and Mobiles – Power cable and microphone
    2. HH’s – Antenna, Battery and Charger
  • MAY NOT have the Owner’s Manual (Downloadable from IA website)
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase






  • Used to well used appearance, may have some minor scratches or show signs of use
  • Original Gift box may not be included.  (Box may have major dents, writing, shipping labels, etc.)
  • ALL MAJOR Accessories included:
    1. Base and Mobiles – Power cable and microphone
    2. HH’s – Antenna, Battery and Charger
  • MAY NOT have the Owner’s Manual (Downloadable from IA website)
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase