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Used Equipment

Welcome to our Used gear page. We buy and Trade for used gear almost daily. If you have any questions or see something on the list call us now 903-737-0773.


We try and keep a fresh inventory of used equipment. We try and move all old stock out every 30 days with online auction sites


Dont Forget we are cash buyers for Used Ham Radio Gear. If you have one item or an entire estate, we pay top dollar, cash today


Free Shipping may not apply on used equipment. We guarantee all used equipment for 30 Days unless noted




Just in...Icom Repacks/Refurbs. Please see the list below, Call for Availability. Current Icom Coupons will come off the price below.


There are three Repack condition levels.  Below is a breakdown of these different classifications:

REPACK “A” CONDITION    “Like new”

  • Like New, No Scratches, Prime Equipment
  • Gift box may have minor Dents, Writing, or Tape, looks like new
  • ALL Accessories Included
  • Owner’s Manual included
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase



  • Slightly used to used appearance, may have some minor scratches
  • Original Gift box may not be included.  (Box may have dents, writing, shipping labels, etc.)
  • ALL MAJOR Accessories included:
    1. Base and Mobiles – Power cable and microphone
    2. HH’s – Antenna, Battery and Charger
  • MAY NOT have the Owner’s Manual (Downloadable from IA website)
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase



  • Used to well used appearance, may have some minor scratches or show signs of use
  • Original Gift box may not be included.  (Box may have major dents, writing, shipping labels, etc.)
  • ALL MAJOR Accessories included:
    1. Base and Mobiles – Power cable and microphone
    2. HH’s – Antenna, Battery and Charger
  • MAY NOT have the Owner’s Manual (Downloadable from IA website)
  • 90-DAY Warranty from date of consumer purchase, must have proof of purchase


Model Quantity Classification  Sale
RKA 2820H 15 6 A $488.00
RKA 7000 25 1 A $1,089.00
RKA 718 22 1 A $622.00
RKA 7410 02 1 A $1,475.00
RKA 78 01 2 A $774.00
RKA 9100 02 1 A $2,753.00
RKA 92AD 02 3 A $439.00
RKA PCR1500 30 Unblocked
1 A $399.00
RKA R1500 10 1 A $399.00
RKA R5 SPORT 11 1 A $119.00
RKA R6 16 Unblocked
2 A $199.00
RKA R75 22 6 A $639.00
RKA V8000 25 2 A $199.00
RKA V82 25 1 A $109.00
RKB 2820H 15 2 B $478.00
RKB 7100 02 1 B $1,349.00
RKB 718 22 1 B $612.00
RKB 7800 02 1 B $7,899.00
RKB 92AD 02 4 B $422.00
RKB IDRP4000V 26 1 B  Sold
RKB R75 22 2 B $629.00
RKB T70A 05 3 B $179.00
RKB V80 25 2 B $101.00
RKB V8000 25 1 B $189.00
RKC 2820H 15 2 C $444.00
RKC 7000 05 1 C $981.00
RKC 7000 25 1 C $981.00
RKC 7100 02 1 C $1,299.00
RKC 7410 02 3 C $1,349.00
RKC 756PRO2 22 1 C $1,299.00
RKC 9100 02 4 C $2,487.00
RKC 92AD 02 1 C $399.00
RKC ID880H 15 3 C $389.00
RKC IDRP2C 06 1 C  Sold
RKC IDRP2V 06 1 C  Sold
RKC IDRP4000V 06 1 C  Sold
RKC IDRP4000V 26 2 C  Sold
RKC R20 06 2 C $449.00
RKC R2500 10 Unblocked
1 C $599.00
RKC R6 16 2 C $189.00
RKC R6 20 1 C $189.00
RKC V80 SPORT 05 4 C $89.00


Current Icom Coupons are


IC-7000 $100

IC-7100 $100

IC-7200 $100

IC-7410 $100

IC-7600 $100

IC-9100 $ $100

IC-718 $70

ID-51A $50

ID-880H $45

IC-92AD $25

IC-2820H $20




New open Box list: Full one year Factory warranty

Kenwood TM-281 65 watt Two meter Mobile $129.95 Free Ship

Icom IC-2820H Brand new Store Demo $467 w coupon Free Ship


Used Equipment:




Flex Radio 1500 HF-6 Meters SDR, Power cord, USB cable, manual $479


Kenwood TS-480HX 200 Watt HF and 6 Meters Two months old , Never taken out of the box, Trade in $925


Icom ID-1 with Control head, power cord and mic $589


Icom IC-2200H 65 Watt 2 meter rugged w mic , power cord $159


Penniger Radio Tipper, Portable Antenna base TP-24 w 1/4" Wall starter tube option and Clamp-it mast option plus guy rings  $399


TYT TH-F5 136-174 MHZ HT Portable 4 watts, Book, Battery, charger, Antenna $49


Alinco DR-1200T 2 meter Data radio, no mic, no pwr cord $75


HP 853A / 8555B Spectrum Analyzer .1 to 1500 Mhz  Works great $$399


Drake  TR4 w Heathkit HP-23 Power supply and original manual on drake. Works but controls are scratchy. Call  $250


Icom IC-R5 Communications Receiver w video, Handheld with Power supply and antenna $250


Icom IC-718 w mic book , box Power cord $509


Kenwood TS-450SAT Mic, manual, power cord $499


Kenwood TS-850SAT Box, Power cord, Manual, No Mic $599


Icom IC-735 w SM-6 Desk mic $399


Kenwood TS-440 SAT  w MFJ mic, power cord The top of the radio looks rough, Front panel is OK, Works great $319


Icom ID-51A book, box, battery , Charger near new w nifty manual  $449


Radio Shack Pro 106 Digital Scanner $379


Radio Shack Pro 95 1000 Chan Dual Trunking Scanner $125


Yaesu FT-100D w power cord, mic and manual, Full output and receive on HF, 100 watts. VHF, UHF receives fine but no output $350


Winegard SS-2000 Amplified HDTV Antenna used in box with manual $49



Yaesu FP-29 power supply for FT-1000MP. Dusty but works FB $399


Yaesu FTV-1000 Six Meter Transverter for FT-1000MP Mark V Dusty, few scratches $799


Yaesu SP-8 Filtered Speaker has a few Scratches $149


Drake PS7 PS-7 Power supply for TR-7  $149



I-Mate Acessory unit for Icom 746Pro, 756ProII, ProIII This allows for voice and CW memory selection, ptt switch and tune functions with package and manual $39



MFJ-1622 Apartment Antenna 40-2 meters $59.95 box book complete


Yaesu MD-1 Desk mic $119


Heil Proset 5 ham radio headset w HC-5 Element w box, book and icom 8 pin round adapter $75


Signalink USB w box, manual and Interconnecting cables for Icom 746Pro, jumpers set for Icom $119



Original Manual Yaesu FC-757AT $10


MFJ-212 Match Maker for Tuner as new in box  $50



Uniden BC-246T Trunk Tracker Scanner with box, book, complete $99


MFJ 931 Artificial ground w box book nice $69


MFJ-4603 Window Feed through $75


Icom V-80 Sport 2 meter HT w antenna, Alkaline Battery pack, Manual, Cool little bag, and 2011 repeater directory $89



IMD Meter by KK7UQ factory assembled  for PSK Book and two power cables $99


Cobra 148GTL Near new with bracket, book, box nice, not modded AM, SSB CB $99



Daiwa CN-101L 1.8-150MHZ Cross needle 1.5KW meter $75


MFJ 259B SWR Antenna Analyzer 1.8-170 MHZ book, box, ac adapter $189



MFJ 1164B AC line RFI Filter Multiple outlet 110V $35


MFJ 702B low pass filter $15


Radio Shack HTX-100 10 meter mobile, Dusty, with mic and new power cord $159


Uniden Bearcat BCD-436HP Trunk Tracker V $429


Radio Shack HTS-20 VHF two meter Amplifier .5-5 watts in gets up to 30 Watts out $50


Radio Shack HTX-212 two meter mobile , dusty and dirty , no power cord, Works! $69



Kenwood TH-K2 2 meter HT w MFJ hi Gain Antenna, Charger, Weak Battery $49


Radio Shack Pro 95 Dual Trunking Scanner $89


Uniden BCD996 Digital Mobile Scanner w Suction cup mobile antenna, Box, DC power Cables, Bracket,  AC Charger $389


Radio Shack Pro 96 Digital Trunking Scanner $249


Radio Shack Pro 2006 W book and antenna $99



Radio Shack Pro 83 Scanner w book, no charger $ 65


Uniden Home Patrol 1 Deluxe Scanner Digital AC Charger USB Cable $389


Radio Shack Pro 2046 Scanner w Antenna, AC power Cord, Antenna $39



Uniden Home Patrol 1 Deluxe Scanner Digital AC Charger, Extreme Upgrade, missing Cradle Stand,  USB Cable $399



MFJ-941 Near New Antenna Tuner $99


Yaesu FT-840 10-160M 100 watts, copy of manual, Power cord, MFJ Hand Mic, MFJ 1275 Sound Card interface $525


 Dell Optiplex 755 Business class desktop. Pentium M  core 2 duo 2 Ghz

80G Hard Drive

4G Ram


Card Reader

Windows Vista COA

No Operating System (proffesionally Wiped)


$75 Each, Can Not Do Free Shipping. While They Last!




Kenwood TM-D710A as new in box, with unpoened RT Systems Software and Cable "top of the line Dual Band" $489


Icom IC-746 Pro Looks and works great! Box book, mic HF VHF ALL Mode $999


Icom PS-125   $149


MFJ 929 200 Watt Auto Tuner w box book and Icom Cable (MFJ 5114I) plus MFJ 4116 Bias T $159


Yaesu MD-100 Never used with box and Paperwork $139




Autek Research WM-1 HF watt Meter No power supply $69


Kenwood PS-53 power supply $139.95


Ameritron AL-811 full 600 watts out $ 599



Alinco DR 605TQ Dual Band Mobile, Box , Book, Mic Bracket $175



Clegg Apollo Six Classic Six meter Amplifier very Very nice $400



Kenwood TS-711A two meter Classic Base Station w tone board and MC 60 Desk Mic $$499



Kenwood MC-60 Mic $119



Yaesu FT-950 Very Nice HF plus six meters, mic, book, heil headset adapter (no headset) Better RF Tune control $989


Yaesu MD-100 Desk Mic $139



Ten Tec Jupiter 538 W Green Screen and Black Case (also come with Gray Case and Gray front panel) _ Exta nice radio, Package deal also includes:

Black 307 Speaker

707 Mic

705 Mic 302 Remote Encoder

Interconnecting cables

Box and manual on radio

Black hard case for microphone

Package deal $999


KLM PA 15-110CL UHF Amplifer 15 In -110 Out


Radio Shack Pro 444 Race Scanner $69


Radio Shack Pro-96 Apco 25 Digital Scanner, w box book, batteries, charger $279


Kenwood TM-V7A dual Band Mobile $249


Alinco DJ-175 2 meter HT with Book Box, Charger, Antenna $79


Icom IC-V80 W battery, Charger, Book Box $99


Yaesu VX-8R Quad band HT, Charger, Battery, Antenna, Book Box $395


Kenwood SP-940 Station Speaker $149


Kenwood SP-31 Station Speaker $159


Kenwood TS-120S Nice Radio 10-80M 100 Watts $350


Kenwood SP-31 Station Speaker $159


KLM 30-140BL  Two Meter Amplfier 30in 140 Watts out $125


Texas BugCatcher 480 Coil Customer used less than a week. Traded in on bigger coil  $165


MFJ 971 Portable QRP Tuner $75



MFJ 945E 300 Watt Small Tuner $119


Drake MN-4 Tuner Face is nice, top looks rough, Works great $100



Icom PS-85 20 Amp Power Supply $99


Mirage Six meter Amplifier 10 Watts in 150 Out$195


RF Concepts 4-310 UHF Amplifier 30 in 100 Out  430-450MHZ $295



Kenwood YK-88CN-1 CW filter for TS-450, 850 and more $99

Kenwood YK-88SN-1 SSB Filter for 450, 850 and more $125

Kenwood PS-50 20 Amp Pwr Supply $150

Kenwood TS-430 w D-104 Desk mic, Radio looks a little rough but works great HF 100 watts, power cord  $399


Alinco DX-SR8T 100 watt HF W mic, pwr cord, W LDG Z-100 Tuner $500


Yaesu FT-897d w mic, power cord HF VHF UHF $699



Kenwood YK-88C CW filter for TS 850 Etc $99


Kenwood YK-88SN-1 SSB Filter for 450, 850 and more $125

Kenwood YG-455CN-1 250 Hz CW filter for ts 450 Etc $125


Kenwood TM-733 Dual Band w mic , Manual, pwr cord, and MFJ 916 Duplexer $200

Kenwood TS-520 Full output w YG-3395C CW filter, MC-50 Mic $400

Kenwood AT-120 Antenna Tuner $125


Fox Tango YF-88H250 Filter $90



Yaesu FL-2100B Cetron 572B tubes make 600-700 Watts on HF $500


Yaesu SP-767 $149


Yaesu SP-5 Speaker $149


TPL RXR Repeater Amplifier UHF 25-40 Watts in   70-100 watts out! $400


Heathkit HM-2102 two meter SWR/Power meter $50


Heathkit HM-15 SWR Meter $25


ONV 247 Safety Climbing belt with Lanyard $75



Old Yaesu FT-2700 Dual Band. Like new Mobile w box, book , bracket, Screws $150


Kenwood TM-701A dual band mobile, Very nice, Box, book, bracket Screws $200


Kenwood TS-820 Digital Display, DC to DC converter CW filter, MC-50 Mic, Book, Original Box One owner $499


CES DID-50 Controller $100


Icom SM-5 Mic 4 pin  $45


TPL Repeater Amplifier 1-10 Watts in , 25 Out  Near New $ 150


Mirage B-34 HT AMplifier Two Meters $69



Grundig G-3 Near New Shortwave radio, Box and Manual $$69


Grundig G-3 Near New Shortwave radio, Box and Manual $$69


Mirage B-34 HT two Meter Amplifier $69



Tokyo Hy Power HL37vsx HT Amplifier $75



Heathkit HW-100, Power supply, Desk Mic, Wattmeter $325