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Bone Yard AS IS Junk

Welcome to the Boneyard!

Everything in this Category is listed AS IS, No Warranty, No Returns. It is being sold for Parts or Repair only. It either has a problem or is Un-Tested. It is too good to throw away but not good enough to offer as tested with a warranty. You will find AS IS store returns, old boat anchor gear and radios that were traded in that had a problem. (believe it or not some not so honest people have ripped us off by trading in a known problem rig. Their name and callsign goes on a list and is shared in the amateur community and with a group of dealers) This is a good place to snatch a real bargain. We will also trade for known problem rigs if they still have some value for repair or parts. You will find those here when available. If you are looking for Great working used gear with a warranty, check our used gear page HERE