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Hello Friends

November Has started off with a bang! You guys are great. Many of the area customers have been coming in and taking advantage of our new finance and layaway programs. The response so far has been great. Most are taking the zero percent options and getting a better deal than if they paid with their own credit card. Be sure and check out the information HERE on these new programs. We have programs available for HT's up to High end Rigs.

Another thing that we are just about to roll out is our extended warranty program. We started looking at this over a year ago. We looked at some of the competition and decided quick we had to find some better options for you.
We found it. Check this out.
Right now you can buy a new Kenwood TS-590S with Free shipping for $1239.95 which is the lowest price in America.

Some sites are offering a one year extended warranty for as much as $75 and as high as $129 for a two year policy. Some are even more than that.
Look what we can do.. On this rig and most others we wont even offer a one year but we can do this

Two Year extended warranty for $77.95


Four Year Extended warranty for $124.95

This is good news folks. This is a real warranty. These warranties start when the manufacturer warranty ends. It will give you the exact same coverage in almost every case as the original factory warranty. No deductibles or fine print. Imagine your new radio being covered for five years! Some of you may say, "well, I dont keep a rig that long" Great news! for $25 you can transfer it to the next person if you decide to trade or sell it. Now how much does that make it worth? The person buying your used rig gets a better warranty than it came with new. We can even do something similar on the repacks and BStock. All warranties have to be bought within 30 days of purchase of the new equipment. Be watching our site for details and pricing on the plans. these plans are all priced according to the price of the radio and the type of radio. We even have coverage for brand name handhelds. (no Chinese, sorry). With repair costs ranging from $60-$100 per hour plus parts, this could save you big, especially on the high end rigs

We are always looking out for you, our customer.

Thank you very much for you business. Without you we wouldn't still be here