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Rocket Survival Stoves


"When the lights are out your Rocket Stove will be there!"

The Rocket Survival Stove allows you to cook an entire meal for your family with just Twiggs!

Wood fires and camp fires or conventional wood burning stoves are nice when you have considerable resources. The only problem is most of the heat goes up in to the air!!  The Rocket Survival Stove with it's specially designed  combustion chamber eliminates that problem by allowing you to use small twigs, leaves, weeds, dry sage brush, and pretty much any dry plant matter.



Makes for a great Camp stove.

Take the rocket survival stove with you on camping trips. 

 The rocket survival stove is  easy, safe, and fun for the whole family to use. Outdoor cooking and camping is a snap.  Easy to use, and maintain a consistent cooking heat..  Fuel is readily available and can be found close by. Simply gather sticks and twigs, a handful should provide enough fuel to cook an entire meal. The Rocket Survival Stove makes for a perfect camp stove.  No need to use those other fuels.  Rediscover cooking with fire on your next camping trip.


These Stoves could save your life.


A must for you emergency preparedness supplies!

Make the Rocket Survival Stove an essential part of your emergency preparation plan and kits. The stoves are small, easy to store and fuel for it is all around you.  The Rocket Survival Stoves stoves use  less wood than an open fire and almost  smokeless.  In an emergency, the supply of fuel can be hard if not impossible to find. If you’re cooking with gas fuels, you may run out before the emergency is over.  Propane can become costly and cumbersome to store large quantities. The Rocket Survival Stove provides a more secure option and less expensive option. Prepare and plan  on using The Rocket Survival Stove in an emergency. Practice often with the stove become use to its operation. You can feel secure that you have a alternate way to provide life saving heat for cooking



How The Rocket Survival Stoves work:


A rocket survival stove achieves efficient combustion of the fuel at a high temperature by ensuring a good air draft into the combustion chamber, controlled use of fuel, complete combustion of volatiles, and efficient use of the resultant heat.


As the fuel burns within the combustion chamber, convection draws new air into the combustion chamber from below, ensuring that any smoke from smoldering wood near the fire is also drawn into the fire and up the chimney. The chimney is  insulated to maximize the temperature and improve combustion. Similar to a catalytic converter on modern vehicles. Accept this time the heat generated is used to provide measured heat efficiently.


For cooking purposes, the design keeps the cooking vessel in contact with the fire over the largest possible surface area. An optional pot skirt can be used to create a narrow channel that forces hot air and gas to flow along the bottom and sides of the cooking vessel.


Optional baffles guide hot air and flame up the sides of the pot. For space heating purposes, the heat is transferred to a heat store which can, in some cases, be part of the structure of the house itself. The exhaust gasses then pass out of the building via the chimney. An other option is a heat exchanger, this creates a radiant heat used to warm areas. 


The design of The Rocket Survival Stoves allows operates on far less fuel than a traditional open fire. It can use a hand full of twigs and smaller diameter wood.


Two versions of The Rocket Survival stove are available, The Elite is a very portabel small Rocket Stove that can generate enough heat to cook, boil water, and provide heat. Fuel is supplied from the side requiring more attention.  


The second larger Rocket Survival Stove is Made with a larger diameter  flue allowing for greater heat volume. It comes with a gravity feed to allow less attention to its operation and longer burns. 


Both units are portable, sturdy, and made to last.  The main tubes are made of solid steel similar to the tubing used in exhaust manifolds on gas burning vehicles.


Buy your Rocket Survival Stove today!!

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